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Trust and Security

Built with cybersecurity and customer privacy in mind, Lumana features
secure by default and fully encrypted architecture.

Complete protection. In transit and at rest.

From camera endpoint to application security, experience a smarter, more secure solution with Lumana’s end-to-end encrypted platform.

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Video always remains on-premises, stored locally in an encrypted format.

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All data transferred over your network is safeguarded using HTTPS encryption.

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Cloud data is always protected, leveraging top-tier protocols from AWS.

Application security

Unique organization-based API keys ensure only authenticated and authorized users can access the system.

Lumana is routinely pen tested and features automatic firmware updates to stay ahead of emerging threats.

Unified credentials across applications streamline access management and enhance overall system security.

Easily monitor how users interact with Lumana and see when activities occur and what specific actions have taken place.

Keep footage secure and inaccessible from physical and external threats by automatically storing video data in the cloud for up to 365 days,

Lumana supports Google Authenticator, offering robust Multi-Factor Authentication to protect against unauthorized access.

Customizable user permissions and organizational roles provide the appropriate levels of access to locations and cameras.

Network security

No port forwarding is required, limiting your exposure to open ports, security risks, unauthorized access, and cyber attacks.

Lumana operates on outbound traffic, serving as a firewall to separate your local network from external internet access.

All network traffic operates via HTTPS, guaranteeing encryption, authentication, and data integrity during transmission.

Lumana Core enables physical separation of your camera's local network from the internet, utilizing dual NIC configuration.


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Lumana cameras comply with the US 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (Section 889), which prohibits governing bodies from purchasing video communication equipment from specific manufacturers.

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Advantage Partners, an independent auditor, has confirmed that Lumana's design and controls in protecting customer data meet the requirements outlined in the AICPA 2017 Trust Services Criteria for Security.